Our Story


A family-run business, Double Cross was founded in 1990 in the Fashion District of Los Angeles, CA. After my sister and I were born, our parents decided they wanted to rename the company with the integration of our names, Edward and Donna. Ever since we were kids, they would tell us that even though they may have provided us food and shelter, we brought them inspiration to work for a better life. That inspiration is carried on in the name EDNA.

We didn't have much back in the early '90s. Our parents would make daily trips to a swap meet in Compton, CA hoping to sell enough belts before sunset. What began as a local bootstrapped operation would eventually evolve into a respectable company importing premium leather goods from Italy. From its humble roots, EDNA has expanded its clientele throughout the United States and into six countries around the world. The fact that we are still around after 25 years is a testament not only to the quality of our products, but also to the hours of sweat poured in by our parents.


Life isn't a smooth journey. There will be mornings when you wake up and you want to sleep in a little longer. You won’t be looking forward to the drive through rush hour traffic, and you won’t be motivated to work. EDNA was built upon many of those similar moments between two individuals. It wasn’t fun all the time, and it was definitely never easy. But in those times of hardship, there was always hope—whether it appeared in the form of playful innocence from their children or even the comfort of being by each other's side. That hope is what we aspire to capture and portray. Today may seem routine, mundane, and simply uninspiring, but the choice is yours to open yourself up to the possibility of hope. It is there somewhere, waiting for you to discover. We challenge you to join us in searching for that new perspective every day.


Our brick-and-mortar store in Los Angeles, CA